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The Pendants


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Rectangle link necklace chainRectangle link necklace chain
Pendant necklace chainPendant necklace chain
Pendant necklace chain Sale price£90.00
Lemon pendant: Joy and VitalityLemon pendant: Joy and Vitality
Grape pendant: Harmony and ProsperityGrape pendant: Harmony and Prosperity
Sun pendant: Vitality and HappinessSun pendant: Vitality and Happiness
Green frog pendant: Chance and IntuitionGreen frog pendant: Chance and Intuition
Dachshund pendant: Intelligence and Loyalty
Anemone pendant: Hope and AffectionAnemone pendant: Hope and Affection
Mushroom pendant: Mystery and ResilienceMushroom pendant: Mystery and Resilience
Scarab beetle pendant: Creation and ProtectionScarab beetle pendant: Creation and Protection
Carnivorous plant pendant: Protection and BalanceCarnivorous plant pendant: Protection and Balance
Butterfly pendant: Protection and freedomButterfly pendant: Protection and freedom
Ballerina and cut stone pendant: Grace and LightnessBallerina and cut stone pendant: Grace and Lightness
Soother pendant: Softness and Safety
Golden acorn pendant: Wisdom and AbundanceGolden acorn pendant: Wisdom and Abundance
Pansy flower pendant: Spirituality and KindnessPansy flower pendant: Spirituality and Kindness
Tiger eye stone pendantTiger eye stone pendant
Tiger eye stone pendant Sale price£80.00
Rose quartz pendantRose quartz pendant
Rose quartz pendant Sale price£80.00
Pair of hearts pendant: Love and BalancePair of hearts pendant: Love and Balance
Mimosa and faceted glass pendant: Delicacy and RenewalMimosa and faceted glass pendant: Delicacy and Renewal
Koi carp pendant: Strength and Longevity
Golden croissant pendant: Pleasure and RefinementGolden croissant pendant: Pleasure and Refinement
Golden christmas tree pendant: Vitality and HappinessGolden christmas tree pendant: Vitality and Happiness
Edelweiss flower pendantEdelweiss flower pendant
Edelweiss flower pendant Sale price£80.00
Champagne bucket pendant: Success and OptimismChampagne bucket pendant: Success and Optimism
Sold outCable chain necklaceCable chain necklace
Cable chain necklace Sale price£45.00
Black lily flower pendant: Elegance and ProtectionBlack lily flower pendant: Elegance and Protection
Ballet shoe pendant: Trust and Dedication
Amber stone pendantAmber stone pendant
Amber stone pendant Sale price£80.00

Following in the footsteps of the 40th anniversary bracelets, themes dear to La Maison have been designed in the form of individual pendants. Floral motifs, animals, symbols of good luck, moments in life and precious cabochons can be worn on their own or combined together. To do so, slip them onto our bespoke invisible clasp ring and choose one of the three available chains for a creation that's tailored to your image.

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